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Facilitating the collaborative development and implementation of innovative approaches to research and technology

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• InOceans is a program based organization that focuses on implementing unique approaches into effective solutions

• Three diverse programs stand as pillars to support seamless innovation in four target areas

• InOceans facilitates opportunities for expanding the impact one can have for the environment regardless of skill set or background

• Programs are structured to naturally guide innovation from conception to solution

• Collaboration & mentoring is the critical link for success & implementation

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  • InOceans Connect program facilitates Innovation through the collaborative introduction of Marine Technology to members of local communities looking to expand their skills sets

  • By connecting students with marine technology partners including manufactures and service providers, participants are exposed to solutions currently implemented in ocean going projects

  • Theoretical and practical/ “hands on” lessons are incorporated into the curriculum

  • As a final project, participants design a collaborative project incorporated at least one of the technologies taught during this program


  • InOceans Collaboration Program provides opportunities for mentoring, networking and continued education 

  • InOceans mentoring program provides guidance opportunities with seasoned industry professionals for both students and early career professionals

  • With a database of over 10,000, InOceans provides networking resources to those looking to expand their own reach

  • InOceans provides market research reports on current trends and solutions available

  • InOceans Collaboration program transcends institutional or corporate identities and is open to anyone interested in having a positive environmental impact

Brainstorming Session
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  • InOceans Create program is purely project based

  • Solutions addressing the four target areas are collated into proposals

  • InOceans provides direction & management

  • We assemble project teams to ensure successful & efficient execution

  • We target & facilitate collaborative opportunities to further success

  • Create transcends corporate identities and is open to anyone interested in furthering innovation in marine technology

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3485 Gilbert Ave, Cayucos, California 93430


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